Sunday, June 3, 2012

The End is Nigh....

Well, after a tumultuous 18 months Tony and I are now going our seperate ways...and one of the first casualty is the house.  :( 

I love my house dearly but, under the circumstances it had to be sold....there was no way i could afford to keep it, as you need a paying job to pay the mortgage and buy your partner out...dont think they would take centrlink payments.

I must say, we were not quite ready to put it on the market when the agent we had selected told us they had someone who was looking for something near a park.....mad dash to try and put it into a better shape...anyway that started the ball rolling....we had 3 open days and overall about 15 parties come through the house....we were lucky, 3 lots wanted it, the first couple to come thru and 2 others...supprisingly it was the last ones through who put an offer in, lots of haggling and we got a reasonable price, not as high as we wanted but in a depreciating market a good price...bugger..then the bank knocked them back even tho they had pre-approval which left the door open to a lady who missed out.  We ended up getting the same price off her. Come tomorrow the sale will be final.  The house was on the market for just under 3 weeks...not bad.

So now comes the hassle of trying to find somewhere to rent, which will not be easy with the girls and the cats, but the estate agents are on the job.

Next comes the arduous task of going through everything and sorting out what i will take and what Tony will take....not looking forward to that.

Eventually when i get a job Kelly and I hope to be able to build our own house for security and peace of mind.  It will be based on this one to a big degree as i love this one.

Pics of the front of the house with its 'For Sale' sign up...the sold sign should be up i will add that pic when it happens.

This one was cos it was a good shot of my French Lavanders.

The park across the road, i am standing on my driveway


  1. It has been a long time since i have checked my blog. So sorry to hear this news and i hope you have all settled into your new lives. It is so sad that you had to sell your house :( Where is Mia staying? Hoping you are going ok, Fiona (Building Bug - fellow 2010 house builder)

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. Going your separate ways is never easy especially when you have so much that you have shared. You should take it as a blessing that you were able to sell the house as quickly as you did.

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  3. I was looking through you blog since I loved your style & noticed this post. So sorry to hear the news. May God bless your path.
    Lots of Love & Luck, RAchel